Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's Have Dessert

For starters, I've missed you.

This past year was a big one.  Bigger than I can even wrap my mind, or my arms, fully around.  A quick review: I left DC, helped get my sister married off, moved to a farm in the middle-of-nowhere Northern CA for almost 7 months, road-tripped to Portland, Oregon, road-tripped back home to AZ, and here I am.  Phew.

I thought I was going to move to a coastal place, maybe San Francisco, when I left my beloved DC.  Instead, I have curiously found myself back in the Phoenix area, with skies like this one on the regular:

It's a funny thing, being slipping into your favorite worn-in sweater and wanting to wear it forever.

One of the things I've had some time to do again is cook.  Not much, but a little, and it's a nice start.  For example, we had a game night with stir-fry, wine, Cards Against Humanity, and these Honey-Ricotta Turnovers for dessert.  I could've had four of them, but I consoled myself with two and a bite out of my neighbor's.

The recipe's not too hard, a little messy, but perfectly decadent with crunchy phyllo dough on the outside and creamy-sweet ricotta (with blackberries!) on the inside.

After these turnovers, I'm fully ready to embrace this new year with all of it's dreamy possibilities and unexpected surprises.  Let's do this, 2014!

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