Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Party Time, Excellent

I am prone to a deep love for popcorn, especially the buttery movie-theater kind, but I was never one for caramel corn. Too-sweet, predictable…bleh. Give me salt over sugar any day, and I will reward you with a smile and kindly ask you for a glass of water, because I am most likely dehydrated.

When I was a kid I’d sneak past my G-ma during the “nap time” portion of the afternoon, and while she was resting I’d be hauling myself onto the kitchen counter, reaching for that grail of the home kitchen, the Morton salt container,and I would pour myself a little mound of salt in my left palm eating it a bit at a time. Basically, I was like a human deer and that Morton container was my own personal salt-lick. Weird, gross, I know. But like I’ve mentioned before: I’m a salty type of gal, and sickly-sweet caramel corn just didn’t cut it.

From The Vagabond Table

So. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and the epic LOST finale that I still can’t decide if I loved or felt cheated about, and I needed a party munchie for my faithful Losties. At some point in the last few months, the idea of a good, homemade caramel corn had been planted deep in my brain, and nothing but actually making it would get it out. I found this recipe through Orangette, and it sounded perfect. Brown-sugar caramel? With homemade popcorn in my new stovetop popcorn maker my aunt shipped over last week? With a healthy sprinkling of salted/roasted peanuts? Yes please!

From The Vagabond Table

I might not have been one for caramel corn in the past, but I am now. Homemade caramel corn is sweet in a rich and buttery way, and perfectly balanced out with the peanuts and an extra sprinkling of salt. It is crispy and crunchy and perfect for a party (or a LOST series finale), and makes for most-excellent munchies at any time, really.

From The Vagabond Table

Better watch out though. This caramel corn goes fast so you better have back-up snacks available. And multiple glasses of water for kids like me who love the salty and the sweet.

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