Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rosemary, Revisited

It’s hot. So hot, but while it might be as hot as the devil outside, these cookies are cool. Like, cool. Interesting. Kind of British in my mind, for some reason. I want to serve them with lavender Darjeeling tea and talk about Wimbledon and herb gardens while overlooking a hedge of roses.

I love the idea of surprising combos in food… like herbs in cookies (brilliant!) My friend Maria from work gave me a baggie full of fresh rosemary from her garden last week, and I’ve tried to get as creative as possible with the bunch. It makes me want to kick myself for all the rosemary bushes that I haven’t taken full advantage of in my life (in AZ they’re used as landscaping… so common! So accessible! So…far away from DC.)

From The Vagabond Table

So. Rosemary Shortbread Cookies. A) of all, I’ve been wanting to make shortbread cookies for a while now; B) of all, I had this fresh bunch of rosemary just itching to be used creatively, and C) It was Sunday, and there is absolutely no better day to bake cookies. So, I combined all of these factors and figured that A + B + C actually equals Rosemary Shortbread Cookies! (NOT, how you might figure, ABC, which is all those letters added together, technically. I’ll show you how I did this fine math some other time.)

From The Vagabond Table

These cookies are pretty darn easy and kind of fun when you get to break them apart. They’re crumbly. They’re buttery. They’re not too sugary, and have a nice under-hint of rosemary that makes them slightly floral rather than overpowering. I got good reviews from people, even friends who don’t even like cookies! This is progress, people.

Herbs in cookies? What’s next? Chocolate on enchiladas? Oh wait. I think that’s called mole, and is totally on my to-make list this summer. Yay for crazy-good food combos, and for cookies that make you pretend to be British for an afternoon. Cheerio, old chaps.


Jeff Ferm said...

I just read this blog and then went back and re-read all the blogs....seriously, I can't decide yet if I like the food more (yummmmmmmm) or the writing more (reminds me of my daughter......)so I've decided not to decide, but to just enjoy both! Many thanks.
Father Yummm

Erin said...

Wow! Rosemary is used in landscaping in your home state? I had no idea. Fascinating!