Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Say Lemon, I Say Limoncello

Once upon a time my friend Veebs went to faraway land known as Italy, and came back bearing the gift of gold:  Limoncello.

I very much valued this gift of Limoncello, so much so that I refused to part ways with it (for over a year, now) unless it was for a worthwhile and ridiculously delicious cause.  I finally found this cause in the form of Limoncello Mint Sorbet, and my friends, I could not have chosen better.

I found this recipe via The Craving Chronicles, and on pondering the loveliness of a lemonish sorbet, I decided to halve the amount of sugar from the original.  Lemon sorbet, (and Limoncello Mint Sorbet) is slightly sweet, mostly tart, and should leave your mouth pleasantly surprised albeit a bit puckered.

Don't be deceived by the sorbet's seemingly humble appearance. 

This sorbet, actually, is Italian Summer all wrapped up in frozen freshness thanks in part to the reminder of mint, and easy enough to make so you feel fancy in the kitchen without doing much more than boiling some water and squeezing a lemon.  Pucker up, friends!  Things are getting good.


DC said...

My spoon is empty...

Tanglewood Baked Goods said...

Mm mm mmmm! Sounds delicious. You can make your own limoncello too sister. Summer project!